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Cat Cave Bed

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    Warm and cozy by buying them cat beds. It’s a specially heated cat bed with the Play Drop Ball important to keep your cat Active, warm, and comfortable if you live in a cold area or as he gets older, or if he has health conditions that may affect his comfort levels. The good thing is that there are plenty of heated beds on the market to choose from according to your cat's age and needs. 

    Made of 100% cottoncomfort and softness are maximum to give your four-legged friend a corner of paradise.

    Every particular of this product is studied in detail in order to obtain a fantastic, comfortable, and warm result.

    • Super soft and warm: Our playhouse is made with high-quality material, filled with cotton in each insert to make it soft, fluffy but strong, and durable, for a top-notch end result.
    • Safe kittens: The internal bed gives your cat a sense of tranquility and safety, and is Perfect for restful sleep, to relieve stress and anxiety.

    • Easy to clean: You can wash this house in the washing machine without any problem, or you can rinse it by hand so to treat it better and make it more durable.



    • Product Category: Pet Nest
    • Pattern: plain
    • Applicable object: cat

    Size information:

    • S: 31*30*28cm
    • M: 40*40*32cm.
    • L: 48*45*37cm

    Packing list:

    • Cat Cave Bed X1
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    Cat Cave Bed
    Cat Cave Bed
    Cat Cave Bed
    Cat Cave Bed
    Cat Cave Bed