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Space Capsule Pet Backpack

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    Experience unparalleled convenience and style with "Space Pet Dog Backpack." Designed to cater to the needs of both your furry feline friends and canine companions, this backpack redefines pet transportation. From its spacious canvas construction to its innovative features, we've thought of everything to ensure a delightful journey for you and your pets.

    Fat Cat Carrier Backpack


    Canvas Construction: Crafted from high-quality canvas material, our backpack guarantees durability and longevity. This sturdy fabric ensures your pets are safe and snug throughout your adventures.

    Breathable Design: Say goodbye to discomfort! Our carrier backpack is equipped with strategically placed breathable holes that maintain proper air circulation. Your pets will stay cool and relaxed, even on the warmest days.

    Ventilated Net: We've incorporated a breathable net to provide your pets with a view of the outside world. Watch as they curiously observe their surroundings, making every trip a sensory delight.

    Generous Mirror Hole: The innovative mirror hole is a true game-changer. Keep an eye on your pet's emotions and well-being without interrupting their cosy hideaway. It's a window to their world.

    Impressive Capacity: With a roomy interior, our backpack comfortably accommodates cats up to 8 kg. Now you can bring your furry friends along on any adventure.

    U-Shaped Double Shoulders: Designed for comfort, our backpack features a U-shaped double shoulder strap design. This ergonomic structure ensures a balanced and pain-free carrying experience, letting you explore longer and farther.

    Canvas Durability: Experience the longevity of our high-quality canvas construction and the best quality mirror.

    Breathable Comfort: Discover the carefully placed breathable holes that ensure your pet's comfort.

    Transparent Sunroof on top: Observe your pets delight in the outside world through our ventilated transparent roof on top of the bag.

    Adjustable Shoulder Strap: Stay comfortable with our cat backpack adjustable shoulder straps and set it yo your ease.

    Honeycomb Cushion Straps: Enjoy convincing travels with our cat backpack with breathable straps which has the honeycomb cushion material on the back so you don't get tired.


    • Material: PC Oxford cloth
    • Style: Simple
    • Features: solid color
    • Colour: Gray, Khaki
    • Size: 38*29*45 cm

    Packing list:

    • Pet bag*1


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    Space Capsule Pet Backpack
    Space Capsule Pet Backpack
    Space Capsule Pet Backpack
    Space Capsule Pet Backpack
    Space Capsule Pet Backpack
    Space Capsule Pet Backpack